Our Commitment To Sustainability

During the construction of Local Pie, we made every effort to utilize reclaimed and recycled materials. This commitment to sustainability and lessened environmental impact continues today through various initiatives to reduce waste and minimalize our carbon footprint.

From 18-Wheeler to Floor to Lights

The previous owner’s dance flooring was made from oak planks from the beds of 18-wheelers. While it was necessary to rebuild the floors, we decided to repurpose the oak that was salvageable for our central lighting fixture. The owner’s wife Heather, who is also an architect, designed and developed the fixture from scratch with LED lights to reduce energy consumption.

Just a little ingenuity and creative thinking allowed this wood to receive a 3rd life in our new restaurant.

What does “Local” mean?

The cost of shipping ingredients across the country (or the globe in that case of fruits and vegetables that are locally out-of-season) creates a massive carbon footprint.  We attempt to reduce this effect by sourcing as many of our ingredients from local suppliers as possible. Not only does this have an environmental impact, but it goes further to help support local farmers who are often overlooked by large multinational food purveyors.

If you are ever visiting Bluffton, SC on a Thursday you may see our chefs there finding the ingredients for our next pizza feature!

Delivering On A Promise

We went even further into our eco-friendly commitment by purchasing a 100% electric car for deliveries; the first and only such delivery program on Hilton Head Island. We also installed electric car charging stations and bike racks to encourage alternative means of transportation by our guests.

Waste Not…

One of the largest contributors to a restaurant’s ecological impact is its waste. To combat this, we only use recycled paper products for our menus and GreenBox pizza boxes. Furthermore, we installed an enomatic wine dispensing system and only serve draft beer to reduce bottle waste.